Is your family protected?

Monitored fire alarm systems not only protect your family and home while you sleep, but also protect your residence and property when you aren’t at home – something an off-the-shelf smoke detector could never do. If your family is asleep when a fire breaks out, the noxious fumes and toxic smoke from the fire can leave you unconscious before your smoke detector even sounds.

 When Seconds Count

Without an integrated fire alarm system, it can take up to 27 minutes for a fire to start, become visible to neighbors and for the fire department to be notified and arrive to the scene. In a home with an integrated fire alarm system, this time can be reduced to four minutes!

 How it Works

smoke-detectorStep 1: 24/7 Monitoring
Our monitoring centers operate 24/7. If a monitoring stations loses power, another picks up service immediately.

Step 2: Alarm Triggered
Our advanced technologies detect a build-up in heat or smoke through our detectors and an alarm sounds.

Step 3: Fast Response
When the alarm is triggered, your system sends a signal to our monitoring center.

Step 4: Contact YOU
Our monitoring center notifies you immediately.

Step 5: Taking Action
Our monitoring center contacts the appropriate emergency personnel and assistance is dispatched to your home immediately.


encore firefighterEncore Firefighter

Most homes are now equipped with interconnected fire detectors, but what happens if the alarm sounds and no one is home? The Encore Firefighter is installed next to an existing interconnected smoke detector. If this alarm is tripped, the monitored Encore Firefighter sends a notification to the security panel.

Watch this video for more information on the Encore Firefighter:

With a Power Home Technologies’ smoke detector, you can rest assured that your family is protected from the threat of a fire. Read more about the smoke detectors we offer or call us today to find out more about integrated fire alarm systems!

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