Power Home Technologies Featured in The Monitor

“The most successful growth strategy I have found over the past 16 years in this business is employee recognition.” – Ben Brookhart, CEO | Power Home Technologies

Power Home Technologies has swiftly expanded their already impressive portfolio since joining our Authorized Dealer network in 2011 — so much, in fact, that we’ve selected PHT as our next “Real Deal” spotlight for MoniX in October. Founded in 2004, PHT switched dealer programs last year to build their own brand and identity with Monitronics’ support. In 2012, they reached the 50,000-customer milestone and firmly established themselves among the nation’s fasting-growing home security dealers. The Raleigh-based business (N.C.) now offers service in more than a 25 states, dotting the East Coast and the South and reaching as far west as California.

CEO Ben Brookhart said PHT’s progress started from within. The company strives to empower its employees with a positive in-house culture.

“The most successful growth strategy I have found over the past 16 years in this business is employee recognition,” Brookhart said. “Everyone loves to be told that they are doing a great job, but more importantly recognized for it in front of their peers. At Power Home Technologies we make this a top priority. If you take care of your employees and create a fun-filled rewarding environment, they are going to continue to help you grow your business by giving you 100 percent every day.”

PHT’s dedicated team includes registered home security system consultants and a management group that tailors the right security system to each customer. Brookhart said the biggest factor in the company’s success has been goal-setting — not one overarching objective, but the freedom for each office to set high yet reachable targets.

So, what’s next after the 50,000 mark? “Our No. 1 goal right now is to grow our business to over 1,500 accounts per month,” Brookhart said. “It took us eight years to get to 50,000 accounts, so we want to hit the next 50,000 in half that time. We want to continue to create new opportunities for our employees and be the best company we can be.”

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