Fire Alarm Home Security Systems

Home security is also about fire systems and protection.  People depend on us to keep them safe and you should too.

Monitored fire alarm systems are by far the most overlooked aspect of an overall home security solution. Many people think that unmonitored, off-the-shelf smoke detectors will be enough to keep their families safe. And perhaps it’s just barely enough – if you are home and a fire breaks out, the alarm will sound. But if you are asleep, the noxious fumes and toxic smoke of a fire could leave you unconscious. This is where monitored fire alarms move beyond being simply “good enough” and show their true value as an integral part of a complete home security solution.

The statistics on US home fires speak for themselves: in 2006, over 1.5 million fires were reported in the United States, resulting in over $11 billion in property damage or loss, over 16,000 injuries, and nearly 3,400 deaths. Fire departments responded to reported fires every 19 seconds, and a house fire was reported every 80 seconds on average. (Source: National Fire Protection Association’s 2006 US Fire Statistics)

Monitored fire alarm systems not only protect your family and home while you sleep, but they also protect your residence and property when you aren’t at home – something that stand-alone heat and smoke detectors can never do.

Because of the time it takes for a fire to spread and become visible to neighbors and passersby, and the additional time it takes for the fire department to be notified and to respond to the scene, it can take up to 27 minutes from the time the fire starts to the time the fire department arrives at a structure that does NOT have fire alarm monitoring installed. However, in structures the DO have monitored fire protection set up, the time is dramatically cut down to 4 – 5 minutes.

That is why we at Power Home Technologies cannot recommend more strongly that you installintegrated fire alarm systems in your home along with your home security system.